These large Oregon White Truffles are one of the gourmet Oregon Truffles found in the Pacific Northwest. Oregon Black Truffles are another type of Oregon Truffle.

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Oregon White Truffles

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Fresh Oregon Black Truffles are now available in limited quantities! Fresh Oregon White Truffles will be available for the next two to three weeks. (Hint: The Oregon White Truffle Powder is awesome!) We ship to individuals and wholesale accounts. Subscribe to our newsletter to be notified when the truffles are available. Contact us for wholesale truffle and mushroom order information.    This page last updated on 01/19/10.

This large Oregon Black Truffle is one of several types of gourmet Oregon Truffles found in the Pacific Northwest. Oregon Truffles also include the Oregon White Truffles. These are available at

Oregon Black Truffle
Leucangium carthusiana


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